BajoBox - Media Center

BajoBox - Media Center

Price:   $299.00

The BajoBox is design to give the best of both On Demand and Live TV entertainment. The BajoBox excels in both an on demand streaming and Live Channel based entertainment.

The BajoBox streams video content like you would on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV & Amazon Prime - except with BajoBox it gives you all of the same content plus a lot more using one device requiring no subscriptions. You will be blown away with the amount of On Demand, Live TV, and Live Sporting events you will be able to access. If fact, to come close to the amount of On Demand, Live TV, and Live Sporting events, you would have to give more then your first born to the cable company match.

Take entertainment anywhere in the world! You only need an internet connection and the box will stream content to your TV. Enable your mobile hotspot on your phone, connect the BajoBox to your mobile hotspot and enjoy entertainment anywhere you get phone data service.

BajoBox Streamed Content is 100% Legal!

The internet has revolutionized entertainment for good, because it's opened up all the borders. There are people all over the world creating content and making this content available to the internet. While this is a big problem for multi-billion dollar conglomerates, you and I get a huge benefit. We can gain access to all kinds of content entertainment companies have under lock and key, using software that's totally legal.

No copyrighted media is ever copied, downloaded or saved by you, it is 100% legal. Once you turn off the device or stop the stream, no copyrighted media remains. This is simply open source Android for your TV which contains software that gives you unlimited access to on-line content that is streamed and not stored, and therefore 100% legal.