About Us

Bajo Media came about because of the high cost of Cable TV.  

After subscribing to Comcast Cable TV at the low cost introductory rate, I got a major rate shock after the intro period ended.  The shock was followed by the phone call to the cable company to complain which ended with the demand that the cable company disconnect the service.

What now? Life with out TV and Sports!  No more favorite TV shows, and no more cable news such as CNN and Fox News.  What was I going to do for Entertainment?

I went on a entertainment Jihad.  I first looked at digital HDTV antennas.  

I got on YouTube and found a video showing how to make a home made HDTV antenna.  I was impressed with the amount of free local digital HDTV channels available in my area about 40 channels.   This keep me occupied for about a month before I started missing the cable sports and entertainment channels that I relied on when I subscribed to cable TV.

So back to the Jihad searching for away to replace the cable TV subscription.

I began looking at Amazon videos and Netflix for what I was missing.  Both required a subscription and  did not provide my overwhelming desire for sports.  

Because I have been a Linux open source user and developer, I decide to explore for an open source solution.  One thing lead to another and  I came across Kodi open source Media Center which was developed as a python plug-in platform.  I spent months learning what Kodi and python could do for me.   I discovered that there are hundreds if not thousand of python plug-ins available for streaming video content using the IPTV protocol.   I spend and wasted many hours on flaky plug-ins that either did not work or provide weak or poor quality streams.  Eventually, I was able to bundle about 50 quality plug-ins together and then attached them to my own Kodi custom look and feel.  I organized the plug-ins in my own custom Kodi menus to make it easier to locate desired video content for on demand such as Latest released Movies, TV Shows, Sports Events and Live TV.

Eventually, I realized that I had something that was very good!  I came to a point were I realized that I had much more Sports, Movies and TV shows then I ever had as a subscriber to Cable TV.  I can watch almost any professional sporting event or game in market or out of market through my custom setup then I ever could via cable TV.  Movies and TV Shows, I can watch any movie or TV show even if it is an only Netflix or HBO premier series.  Current TV Series or past Series, every series I ever wanted to watch is available on demand.  It's amazing!

This was such a good setup, I decide that I need to market what I had because my setup if much better than anything I could possibly get via Cable TV, Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.

This is where the Bajobox came into to being!  I believe the solution I found to replace cable TV is so good,  I decide to import the best performance verses cost android smart TV box and custom solution to the public.  One cost for the box and no monthly subscription.  What is really cool, is that it is a mobile solution.  You can take it to a hotel, a vacation home or any where you have broad band Internet access.  Just connect it to your Internet and  a TV via HDMI anywhere in the world and you can watch your sports, TV shows and Movies.  Have a Cell phone with Tethering and Hot Spot capabilities with a data plan?  You got mobile TV on the road!  Now  while the wife and kids shop, you can sit in the car watching the game!

The BajoBox and IPTV really is the Future!